Thursday, September 16, 2010

Purse Essentials

A few weeks ago we had a Relief Society Activity. One of the games we had was, what's in your purse? When we were planning the activity one of the commitee members volunteered me to make the prizes for the games. She even donated the fabric! I thought I should make something that you could put in your purse. I came across this tutorial for checkbook covers. I made several and you can tell which one was my first. (the one in the front with the sideways ruffle, oops!)

Well after making several, I thought these would make cute sunglass covers. And I could really use a sunglass cover myself. So I played around with some measurements and came up with these sunglass covers...

I just need to make one more, for me!


  1. ohhh I think I need one of those for my glasses

  2. super cute, I need one for my glasses too! Much cuter than what I have now!!

  3. i love the sunglass covers!! black and white fabric with teal ruffle, very cute! this would seriously eliminate all the scratches mine get in my purse and im not even going to start on the kid fingerprints!