Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Car Seat Tent Tutorial

I've had a couple of neighbors ask me to make these cute car seat tents. The great thing about them is that they double as a blanket that doesn't fall off, and it makes for a dark sleeping place that babies can still breathe in. My sister was interested in how I did it, so here is a little tutorial.

Supplies Needed:


Coordinating Thread

1 yard of fabric for the back (minkee)
1 1/4 yard for the front and straps (cotton)
*wash both fabrics first, unless using both 100% cotton

ric-rac (about 5 yards)

1. Cut off the extra 1/4 yard of fabric off the front piece so you have 1 yard left. Save the 1/4 yard for the straps.
2. Line up the front and back pieces of fabric, right sides together, and trim around the edges to make them even. Then I took a plate and marked around the edges and then trimmed, to make the rounded corners.
3. Pin the ric-rac around the front fabric measuring in with the left side of the ric-rac at 1 inch. Sew the ric-rac down. I put a little fray check on the ends.

4. Then put the 2 fabrics together, right sides facing each other and pin all the way around.

5. Sew both pieces together at about 1/2 inch all the way around, leaving a 6 inch opening to turn inside out. Notch the corners, so they won't be bulky.

6. Turn right side out and make sure corners are nice and rounded. Then hand or machine stitch closed.

7. Now take the 1/4 yard fabric and cut 2 pieces measuring 9 x 6 1/2 inches. These will be the straps.

8. Iron around the edges measuring 1/4 inch. Then fold in half to make a long strap, iron.

9. Now measure 2 pieces of ric-rac, (for each strap) and sew onto each end of the strap that will be on the outside of the strap measuring in . (See below) tuck the ric-rac into the fold and then sew around the edges.

10. Cut some velcro and sew into desired place, one on the inside and one on the outside of each strap. (See above picture) *Make sure that you look at the way you are going to close the strap before sewing on the velcro, so that they line up and the velcro closes properly.

11. Then put the blanket over your car seat and mark where you would like your straps to be. Lay it out flat and then measure in equally on both sides so that the staps are centered.

12. Put the straps right side down and sew into place. I sewed a small rectangle in the middle of the strap and went around it about 2-3 times just to make sure it was secure. You are done!!

Finished car seat tent measures about 34x42 inches


  1. very cute and great details on the how to!!!

  2. what a cute idea, then you can actually hold your car seat and not have to hold the blanket too. Love your first tutorial too!!