Monday, June 20, 2011

Tie one on

Well R is getting a little to big for some of the previous ties I made him. I've seen a bunch of bowties online and thought I would try one. I read a few different tutorials and took what I wanted to make my own.

I'll probaly make a few more, tweaking what I did to make it just right!

These are a gift for a friend's one year old. For the elastic ties I used this tutorial, that I've used before because it's really easy, the bowtie onesie is my own pattern.


  1. so cute! and ryder look so big!!

  2. oh check out that handsome guy!!! the tie looks great!!!

  3. Hi Kris! Thanks so much.. Our MaKenna is our everything. I'm enjoying being a mom. Congrats to you on your baby news! Tell Micha Hi, Miss seeing you guys. -Lisa