Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Through the Closet I Go...

This year as one of my new year's resolutions, I decided that I would go through my closet and try to fix some of the items I like, but don't wear that often because they "just don't fit right". My husband always asked me why I never wear half the stuff in my closet, so through the closet I go.
This gray long sleeved boyfriend cardigan, I love. It's soft and long, but I felt like it just wasn't quite right. And let's just put it out there, after having kids there just isn't much left to fill it out. It is what it is.

It kept shifting around on the top and I'd have to adjust it, and well that got old real fast. So I just grabbed the extra button, measured it according to the others and sewed it on above the top button.

I think it looks much better, and I will actually wear this way more often! It took about 10 minutes and what's even better? My machine sewed the buttonhole and the button on for me!!

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  1. That looks great! I definitely need a machine like that!!